Princess Juliana International Airport Delivery



St. Maarten

A Special Delivery to Princess Juliana International Airport


St. Maarten Shipping and Stevedoring is proud to have been chosen to safely handle the final delivery of all newly built passenger bridges for the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM). Port Operations Supervisor, Bernando Velasquez promised a safe and well executed operations and received the newly built bridges by JV Shenzhen CIMC-Tianda Airport Support Ltd. & CIMC-TIANDA Netherlands Cooperatief U.A.

Airport passenger bridges, also known as jet bridges, are essential structures that connect airplanes to the terminal building, providing a safe and convenient way for passengers to board and disembark from aircraft. These structures are typically built with sturdy materials and designed to withstand the weight and movement of large commercial airplanes.

Jet bridges come in different types, sizes, and configurations, depending on the needs of the airport and the type of aircraft they serve. However, most passenger bridges consist of a telescopic tunnel that extends from the terminal building to the aircraft door, with a movable platform that can adjust to the height and angle of the airplane's door. The platform is usually attached to a pivot point that allows it to move horizontally and vertically, following the movement of the airplane as it taxis or takes off.

The construction of passenger bridges requires careful planning and engineering, as these structures need to meet strict safety standards and withstand harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and snow. The materials used for jet bridges are typically high-strength steel or aluminum alloys, which provide both durability and flexibility. These materials are also lightweight, which makes them easy to move and assemble, and resistant to corrosion, which protects them from rust and decay.

The weight capacity of a jet bridge can range from 50,000 to 250,000 pounds or more, depending on the specific design and construction of the structure. One of the key features of modern passenger bridges is their ability to adjust to different types of aircraft and accommodate passengers with disabilities or special needs. Many jet bridges now come with additional features, such as elevators, ramps, or telescoping tunnels, that allow passengers to board or disembark from the airplane safely and comfortably.

In addition to their functional and practical benefits, these new passenger bridges also have aesthetic and architectural value, as they can enhance the overall look and feel of the St. Maarten Airport. Princess Julianna International Airport is using innovative and creative designs for their constrution and these newly delivered passenger bridges will complement the overall modern look of our international airport.

St. Maarten Shipping & Stevedoring played a critical role in handling this important cargo. The passenger bridges required specialized handling techniques and equipment to ensure their safety, integrity, and timely delivery to Princess Juliana International Airport. This sort of cargo often has significant economic or social value, and any damage, loss, or delay can have serious consequences for businesses, consumers, or communities.

St. Maarten Shipping & Stevedoring, under the helm of founder and CEO Mr. George Pelgrim, has the expertise, equipment, and facilities to handle unique cargo, such as these airport bridges, effectively and provide value-added services that help businesses optimize their supply chain and reduce their risk exposure.

Mirto Breell, PMU Project Director of Princess Juliana International Airport: “This is another great step forward in the construction of the airport of the future. After the successful renovation of the facade, it is now time for the new Passenger Boarding Bridges, which are equipped with the latest technologies. In the first phase, the bridges will only be used for departing passengers, while in 2024, the bridges will also become available for arriving passengers.”

Executed by:

St. Maarten Shipping & Stevedoring


April 2023